12 Best GDQ Speedrun Games To Watch

2 min readJan 12, 2023


~ Games Done Quick Has Found The Secret To Hosting A Successful Charity Stream: Speedrunning ~ image via Uproxx

Games Done Quick (GDQ) is a charity event drawing together the many speedrunning communities of the world to celebrate their craft and raise money for a good cause. “Speedrunning,” for the lamen, involves the practice of expertly racing through a game as fast as possible, sometimes using glitches or strange exploits. Such “skips” must be painstakingly discovered by communities of specialized gamers all working together to advance the run’s overall efficacy.

To this end, games are effectively attacked by committed professionals playing them over and over, experimenting and honing their craft to set their own “Personal Best” (PB) or even the world record for a given game’s run. GDQ brings such communities and players together at a semi-annual charity event in order to showcase their hard-won speedrunning capabilities to the world via Twitch. Often, the best part of watching these speedruns comes with the commentary and crowd dynamics; each player and their entourage speak while they play, explaining and laughing — all while the crowd reacts in real-time to strategies executed to perfection (or not).

Here are some of the best, most classic games (and series) to watch speedruns of — in the humble, subjective, and ever-expanding purview of this humble author. (pls don’t attack me for leaving off your favorite!)

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