~ short essay on Commander Shepard and Mass Effect.

Just look at him.

In the Mass Effect saga, the human hero — Commander Shepard — variably gendered and with a multitude of striations for appearance, is the saving grace of the whole Universe.

He is champion of consciousness. Of determined choice, with hints of…

One belief I have, irrational as it may be, is that cats can see ghosts.

Clear as day. They wander through our lands and homes and cats can see them while we cannot. Maybe not all the time, maybe not clear as we see each other. But they can detect…

~ a short story

The smell of the same blood. The same chilled breeze from the window. The marbled eyes on the bodies.

Detective John was used to these grisly ends.

The CSI’s brushed under the doors and took samples of hair, fingernails, saliva. At the center of their bustling…

~ short essay on John Carpenter’s The Thing (1982).

To me, The Thing is the perfect horror movie. Not the scariest, and maybe not even with the best practical FX (though they are god-tier), or the best villain (though the shapeshifting alien is an incredible one). …

~ a short story

Many say “The Fermi Paradox” terrifies them.

The thought of species evolving outside of us, before us. Likely after us. They are out there and we cannot see them. They hate us and ignore us, or they hit a filter that shook them out of existence.

~ a poem

Art source: https://www.deviantart.com/remijacquot/art/Arcane-Idol-of-Masks-832495934

Marion Madlass has come to town.
Everything is about to change.
More than a wizard or a warrior, a clown!
Everything will now go strange.

Wither, she carries it all around!
Through her, lost souls still persist.
Piles and piles of bodies, bound!
‘Lass, the last true-blue egoist.

Marion Madlass has come to flout.
Everyone you care about,
Every institution you uphold,
All the ideology that you cannot mold,

It all goes.

With the Madlass, anything goes.

If you are looking for something new,
Weep at her arrival for true.
If anyone asks — tell them she flew,
All that she wrought is for you!

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