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One of the best aspects of anime is how defined the powers are. In most given shōnen battle series, the characters know the hierarchy of power, what kind of power levels are possible for them relative to their foes, and what it will probably take to get them into top form.

Super Saiyan levels, spiritual energy, chakra, aura, mana. Anime use such things like currency, gifting principal characters and fierce villains a wealthy share. The hero is given a progressive path, always with unexpected strengths and brand new powers to be unlocked. …

~ a short story

“You understand what we are trying to do here?”

She nodded.

“Not just today. I mean for all time!”

The soldiers all nodded again, furiously. The words echoed over the barracks.


She scampered through the folding bends as they wrapped another corner. Tess was tired. The maze dawned every corner of her consciousness. She walked and ran as fast as she could go. The mission was clear: Get out.


“This is all we have. We know they are in there. And we have these … Nothing else. No schematics. No telling what they will…

~ a poem

I am certain the clouds over Texas convey something

Maybe the immensity of the land’s presentation and her potential.
Maybe the air is just weird
Maybe wind doesn’t know which way to blow here
Maybe it blows *every* way

Every “maybe” is bigger in Texas, too
And everything comes in layered
Between freedom and authority,
Between libertarianism and populism,
The people are mixed

Landowners stake for every freedom save for those from their authority, which is inviolate
Workers secure homes and vacations
The land provides and economizes

Property powers paramount prides
Generation after generation

The barons…

~ a short story

A prompted micro-fiction.

The prompt:

“Imagine you live in a world filled with superpowers. Everyone has a really cool superpower, like invisibility or super speed. You, however, have this one superpower that’s a little less… Exciting.”

The story:

In a world where they became ubiquitous, nobody ever thinks about how superpowers can become nightmares. Some of us got speed or strength, the classics. Others got super-minds, or wings. Or eyes that could see anywhere.

But me, well, I got my imagination for Real. Anything I could think of was possible. I manifested new beings and new worlds before me. And…

~ Earlier this year, one of the great artists of our time passed away. His name was Kentaro Miura and he was 54. Rest in peace.

I wanted to write a little about him, in the form of a short ode, given he is one of my favorite people that I have never met and now, never will.


~ One of my favorite publications on the Internet is Aeon. A philosophically-oriented, non-profit digital magazine, completely free and imho, utterly arresting with its content flows. Articles, essays, and video projects on the most interesting topics and ideas, featuring some of the best writing, within a satisfying series of serious, unbiased inquiry and light-hearted whimsy, all with a sense of hopefulness to the beats. Aeon’s writers, from all walks of scientific and psychological and sociological life, do not shy from political discourse or the suggestion of potential solutions to seemingly “unsolvable” problems.

In all, I love Aeon simply because I…

Under the watchful gaze of a wolf,
What will I do?

At the edge of the fire,
From out of the shadows we can no longer see,
They are watching me.

Their eyes glow amidst the flames.
They reflect the licking tongues, fading now.

Fangs away,
Haunches calmed,
Half-circled pack awaits,
At the edge of our circle.

What are they waiting for?

I ask:
“What do you want?”
“What do you want from us?”
“What do you want from me?”

They do not answer with moves or snarls or barks.

They only watch.

Something lay there,
In those eyes.

~ a short essay on the archetype of the “Home” — as a space, as a place we want to go, as an entire inner and outer world, of supreme importance to life and… cinema.

~ Michael Corleone, The Godfather Part II

Over the past year and a half, while mired in the isolation and alienation — and relative indolence — of a new world of solo-lived, freshly unemployed existence, I have watched over 200 films!

And I enjoyed them all!

Movies from 1927, Metropolis, all the way to movies from 2021, Godzilla vs. Kong, alighted my conscientious wayfaring through my long-gathered IMDb watchlist. Movies were my…

~ scattered, real-time accumulating musings on Naruto and the “Sharingan” and the power of the eye.

A singular image from childhood that, maybe more than any other, sparked my wondrous imaginings into anime, into art, into the power of the eye — is that of the Sharingan.

~ a reflection on the epic novel Don Quixote (1605), by Miguel de Cervantes.

Volume I: Quixotic — a short exploration of a singular passage expounding Don Quixote’s hyperrealistic, self-determined origins and their emergent relationship to the future descriptor “quixotic.”

So yeah, I started reading Don Quixote the other day.

Not necessarily spur of the moment, there was a progression to me picking up the classic Spanish tale that is glorified as THE founding novel of our modern world. I just finished Borges’ book of short and sordid tales A Universal History of Infamy” (1935), with the intent to read…

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