{Diplomacy Redux}

{Game Idea}

  • Diplomacy features zero random chance.
  • The primary objective of the game is to take cities and use their supply centers to create additional armies. As soon as one of the Great Powers controls 18 supply centers, it is considered to have gained control of Europe. The player representing that Great Power is the winner.
  • However, that is not the only way a game can end. The players can end the game via negotiation. Before a winner is determined by gaining control of the 18 centers, players can come to an agreement of a co-equal draw which ends the contest.
  • The most significant aspect of Diplomacy takes place away from the board. Conversations with the other players — drawing up plans and deal-making and backstabbing plays before each turn commences. This is truly what Diplomacy is all about. This kind of planning via direct or group messaging {or by mail} makes up the bulk of the timing of a game and its component turns.
  • Due to the nature of its gameplay, Diplomacy was the first commercially published game to be played by mail, similar to chess.
  • Diplomacy can be played in hours or over longer periods of time, such as weeks or even months of time depending on how long it takes for each turn to develop.
  • There are sites where groups can play Diplomacy online, including on mobile browsers, but there is no official app. Due to the above factors signature to this game I believe an app would be a perfect conception for it. Thus, my core idea is simply to create an app for the game to be played among the multitudes; 2–7 player games, complete with matchmaking and a messaging service with timestamps and searchability within the app.
  • The app includes a dual purpose chat to maximize both backroom politicking {direct messaging among other players} as well as an overworld discussion where group messages can take place.
  • Takes in everyone’s moves and resolves each turn once all players’ have submitted their turns.
  • Given that each game can take longer periods of time, and lengthier, more methodical games are even encouraged, this makes the game more approachable and easier to jump in. With a lower quota of time necessary to contribute on a daily or weekly basis, anyone can find the time to play.

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