I Am Elden Lord

~ visions of The Erdtree — a Yggdrasil x Tree of Life mythic symbol of creation — greet you no matter where you venture across the land.
~ everyone has that moment in Caelid, aka “The Red Zone,” when they say: oh fuck.
~ This moment was the first of many wow’s. A giant’s epic leap from Stormgate to challenge you.
~ The Lands Between are filled with compelling characters that will surprise you and probably make you cry.


~ my first razor-thin loss against a main boss. I did not put my “foolish ambitions to rest.”
~ I played a samurai. I couldn’t resist.
^ look at this freak!


~ Elden Ring does such things as Tarkovsky is describing.
~ Elden Ring makes you experience this.
~ my final character sheet at the end of my playthrough. 137 hours. Level 174.



Truth in art. {https://thresholds-of-transformation.blog/}

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