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Ship Types

Explorer ~ Vessel meant to explore the far reaches of space and the various unknown and chaotic phenomena therein. These ships are equipped with data-gathering and scientific equipment for long range collection, transmit and utilization. Explorer class starships are best served as general purpose vessels, wherein the commander of its crew may have no specific objectives beyond the gathering of information, for as long as possible.

Crew Personnel

~ The crew being entirely made up androids, they are all quite effective persons of mind and of action. However, there are still additional specializations from the outset within their code, as well as progressions that can be made over the course of an individual mission’s events.

  • The primary inputs at the start of each game: Starship type, Crew personality, Mission Aim. Each can be customized in a variety of ways.
  • At the start, the starship is not customizable beyond the class. When new technologies are discovered out on missions and that data is brought back for use to upgrade a new ship, for future generations.
  • Every starship, no matter which class, starts with the same general archetypes of android crew members, but each can be customized in their focus areas and what personalities you wish for them to adopt, given their increasing humanity as A.I. {Introverted/Extraverted; Sensing/Intuition; Thinking/Feeling; Judging/Perceiving}. Each has their pros and cons and the picking of these categories will dictate the mission just as much, if not more so, than the starship you choose and objective you seek within space.
  • Once selecting a ship type, the crew and their personality types, then you must choose what general or specific aims you wish your ship to undertake once it launches into the designated sector of space.
  • The game has a fog of war effect for all untraveled areas of space — at the start of the game, it is only minimally open for viewing given Earth’s stargazing up to this point in history. Each start shows an over-space map of the explorable reaches in outward cocentric circles around Earth:
  • Since after you launch your ship, you will have no control over the outcome of your mission beyond the input parameters of ship, all of the most serious “gameplay” occurs during these planning and customization stages.
  • Some example aims might be: Find resources/planet — Find material: Carbon, Nitrogen, Oxygen, Adamantium… — Find lifeforms — Seed planet X, Seed alien craft Y, Seed Star {only with highly advanced tech, in the later stages of a game} — Destroy planet / life / alien craft — Destroy Star {why? You are humanity, why not?} — Enter cosmic phenomenon, such as a black hole {Let’s find out what those Androids can determine within the 5th dimension, eh?}.
  • Each aim is more or less challenging, depending on its inherent difficulty. Some will require advanced technology to complete, such as harvesting the resources from a star or fighting an alien fleet.
  • Once all of these inputs have been completed, ending with your mission Aim — you hit launch — and over the course of the next 24 hours, in real-life time — the resulting outcome from your mission will be determined.
  • The outcome is determined by a three-pronged statistical calculation factoring in: 1) the unique makeup of the procedurally generated world; 2) your decisions for ship, crew, and strategic aim for the mission; and 3) the utter randomness of the cosmic void. The results are resolved and you are taken back to the game’s dashboard screen, showing your ship {if it’s still afloat in space}, the over-space map of your travels thus far, and the mission report.
  • The mission report will detail the happenings of the mission, including the extent of your success or failure. If your ship has not been destroyed, detained, or has disappeared, then your next mission will involve the same ship and its continued travails through space. If it is gone, carrying the data, lessons, and its path up to its departure with you, you launch a new ship from Earth. From there, you can follow in its footsteps and yank on the leads gained from its prior mission, or go in a completely different direction within space. After each ‘turn’ within the game, it is your choice.
  • Some example results from {Low-Key Command} turns: You discover a planet, rich with resources and barren from life, the ship hovers over it, awaiting further instructions / You find a strange alien craft adrift in space, it blares a distress call, your ship awaits further instructions — or given your general instructions, the crew explored the craft and was systematically hunted and killed by a lithe alien hunter beast, not your ship lies derelict in space alongside this craft / You come upon an inhabited planet, your Captain and Communicator officers make leeway with the peoples, starting to communicate and exchange ideas and resources with them / You come upon an inhabited planet and they destroy your ship / You come upon an inhabited planet and attempt to conquer their people, the war is ongoing / You come upon a black hole and your ship is sucked in — the mission report turns in to archaic symbology that you have occult investigators looking into back on Earth… etc. etc. etc.
  • The possibilities within the game are endless, and as are the missions you can run in your low-key command. The more missions you do, the more opportunities you have to find new planets, resources, and technologies, and gain more territory, uncovering more and more of the far reaches of space. There is no ‘end’ to the game beyond when your rapacious curiosity comes to its end. Or you are fat upon the vast interstellar lands you have conquered as a wayfaring cosmic tyrant, inviting forces from dimensions beyond to beckon your measly seat of worldly power and challenge you — hunting down your territories in a systematic way, all the way back to Earth — and vaporizing it from the Universe. The game can end this way, with the cosmic consequences of your actions returning in the ultimately lethal way, back to Earth and its destruction.
  • The end of all games, if played for thousands of hours {or mere hundreds, if you do become that cosmic tyrant}, is the destruction of Earth via alien invader or our Sun exploding. Even if you have colonies within other zones of space, this will mark the end of the game.

Inspired By ~

FTL ~ Faster Than Light