Metal Gear {Essay} 3: Snake Eater

~ art by Noriyoshi Ohrai

The Snake

“Scholars tell us that the first spy in history was the snake in the Book of Genesis.”
~ Eva

Metal Gear fictional chronology:

~ Snake eyeing some tasty snakes in the long grass
THE LADDER ~ Metal Gear Solid 3 finds beauty in an endlessly long ladder climb

I’d bet if I kissed you, you’d taste like a wild beast.
~ Eva to Snake

The Mission

“The key is to make yourself one with nature.”
~ The Boss to Snake

The Boss, wearing THE iconic headband
The Boss ~ art by Yoji Shinkawa

“Why’d you defect? / I didn’t. I’m loyal to the end. To my purpose.”
~ Snake and Boss

~ art by Yoji Shinkawa

A soldier is a political tool, nothing more. He has no enemies and no friends. Only the mission. You follow the orders you are given. That’s what a soldier is. … The only thing we can believe in with absolute certainty is the mission, Jack.
~ The Boss to Snake

The Boss and Naked Snake

The Origin

~ Snake and Eva, on the run from the Shagohod in the game’s thrilling finale
~ art by amirulhafiz
“Big Boss” ~ art source
The Pain!
The Fear!!
The End…
The Fury!!!
The S o r r o w
FOXHOUND and their precursors, Cobra Unit

“I saw the universe as the intelligence community sees it. People are changed by their environment and the times. The world of difference is all about position and perspective.”
~ Eva

~ The sigil of Outer Heaven, Big Boss’ utopian dream
Solid Snake and Raiden, our 21st century postmodern heroes
The Wiseman’s Committee, origin of The Philosophers
The Patriots
The Boss, first and last appearance in MGS3
The Boss ~ art by Kuvshinov Ilya
~ Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater ending cinematic
~ Big Boss saluting The Boss



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