{Shared Fantasy}

~ Skyrim concept art

Inspired by ~
The Elder Scrolls

RPG Maker

Dungeons & Dragons

~ art source
~ art source

Design / System / Mechanics

  • Map Size
  • Style of fantasy ~ high, low, epic, gothic, sword & sorcery, custom (Example types of fantasy)
  • Playable Races — standard (human, elf, dwarf) + custom races
  • PC Classes (fighter, wizard, rogue) + custom classes designed by PC with ruleset created by GM
  • Level and Types of Magic
  • Standard set of terrain + architecture + city archetypes + customization
  • Standard Set of Fantasy Monsters + customization
  • Standard Set of Itemization, Weaponry, Artifacts + customization
  • Difficulty level


~ Skyrim concept art
Example mega-dungeon ~ The Doomvault

Action & Mechanics:

~ Guild Wars 2 boss fights

Story & Structure




Truth in art. {https://thresholds-of-transformation.blog/}

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Truth in art. {https://thresholds-of-transformation.blog/}

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