Top 5 Boss Battles in Sekiro

1 min readJul 18, 2022

~ essay on the top 5 boss battles in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, with a haiku poem for each.

I recently completed Sekiro, FromSoftware’s 2019 remix on the Souls-style action RPG they mastered in years’ past. You play as the titular “one-armed wolf,” a shinobi exile protecting his young lord in a supernatural Sengoku period. Beautiful Japanese landscapes are embroiled in war, with forest dojos, mountain caverns, and mystic lakes providing your arenas for katana-borne hyper-violence.

Sekiro’s combat is more one-dimensional than any previous Souls game — you wield a singular sword and *must* time your deflections against rival swordsmen and spectral daemons to achieve victory. But the one trick is golden and the sword-battling ‘Posture’ system ends up being perhaps the best combat of all. It is fast and kinetic and thrilling and you will feel like a master swordsman by the end of the experience.

Complete Sekiro, and you will feel as I do now.

My game-long thread on my Sekiro experience:

I wanted to write about my experience: Here are my top 5 favorite boss battles from my Sekiro experience, with a preceding haiku for each.

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